Thursday, September 17, 2009

International Student Media Festival Winners 2008 - 2009

Jalen Bynum, Christiane Bernades, A’Jenae Pray, Heaven Hedgepeth, Caleb Troupe-Clear, Kayla Kelly
Winners have been announced!
Students worked on technology projects throughout the year and competed at a school level media festival the February 2009.  Out of the 78 school entries, 30 winning projects advanced to the system competition in March 2008.  At that time, 19 of Frank Long’s winning projects were sent on to state competition.  Eleven projects earned a superior rating at the state level and advanced to the international level and were judged this summer.   Frank Long is proud to announce that four projects won at the International level.   
          Students from grades kindergarten through 12 can participate in the festivals.  Project categories consist of live-action video, animation, sequential stills, interactive stills, websites, single photo and photographic essay.  Instructional, informational, documentary, persuasive/public service announcement (PSAs), story, and entertainment are purposes students may opt to center his/her project around.  Judges are only required to view seven minutes of a production; however, entries may be as long as producers believes fit.  Projects must be created and produced by students and a panel of judges will critique each entry on its own merit.  Judging feedback is offered to participants at each festival level to help foster improvements.  
          International Student Media Festival winners include Kayla Kelly, previously in Mrs. Susan Fennell’s 2nd grade Class, with It's All About the Water; Caleb Troupe-Clear, previously in Ms. Angela Fair’s 2nd Class, with A Sharp Pencil.  Two class projects also won at the international level.  Mrs. Catherine Smiley’s previous kindergarten class won with Sometimes I Feel with Christiane Bernades, Jalen Bynum, Heaven Hedgepeth, Isaiah Johnson, Chapmen Kennedy, A'Jenae Pray, Dajahnic Reed, Michael Rigsby, Jordan Rivera, Jaden Rivera, Breonna Speight and Demetrick Threatt contributing to the project.  Mrs. Nikki Lukkarinen’s previous 5th grade class won with FLE's Critter Corner.